Vladislava Savic

Visual Artist

Vladislava Savic

Vladislava Savic was born in Yugoslavia, Communist Utopia that was established after World War II. When she was still a kid, her homeland was violently disassembled into a small pieces, six “independent” countries that are still struggling to establish their own identity.

Her hometown is located at 43°51′34″N 19°50′42″. A place where opposites meet and clash: East vs. West — Communism vs. Capitalism , conflicting political beliefs and social systems. 

The constant change and teetering stability of Vladislava’s physical surroundings shaped her as an artist, feeding her curiosity. Consequently, she has learned to create a “state” of her own. Her work is a living paradox, which is invaluable in today’s modern polarity.

She captures her universe on canvases, collages, and drawings — all of which contain buildings from her close, physical surroundings. Real space architecture is melted into her own perception of reality.

Today she lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland.


2018 – 2021 Interaction design, SfG Bern

2003 – 2008 Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) – Painting, Academy of Arts, Novi Sad, Serbia

2013 – 2015  Specialist studies, Faculty for Special Education and Rehabilitation, Belgrade, RS



2019 Society Improved – Architectural tribute to the better life, Gara Perun Gallery, Zurich, CH

2019 Overcoming – Featured online exhibition, Artsy.net

2018 The same reason to take a walk, AU Gallery, Vienna, AT

2012 I was there, Gallery Izba, Novi Sad, RS 

2010 City faces atmosphere, City Gallery, Uzice, RS

2008 Rebuilding in (Multimedia exhibition project, in cooperation with video artist, Danilo Stojic), Cinema City, Uzice, RS

2007 Untitled, Cigota Gallery, Zlatibor, RS



2022 8th Biennial of Slovenian Independent Illustration (BSII), Kino Siska, Ljubljana, SVN

2019 Wir hier (We here) – Intercultural festival About Us, Pop up Gallery, Zurich, CH

2019 Jedem Das Seine, Gara Perun Gallery, Zurich, CH

2019 Reconstruction time III, Reflektor Gallery, Uzice, RS

2017 Parkfest – Contemporary art  festival, Reflektor Gallery, Uzice, RS

2017 Magmart – International videoart festival , Magmat – video under volcano, Napoli, IT

2017 Happy birthday Magacin, Magacin at the Kraljevica Marka street, Belgrade, RS

2017 Reconstruction time I, Reflektor Gallery, Uzice, RS

2011 Regional group exhibition, City Gallery, Uzice, RS

2009 Regional group exhibition, City Gallery, Uzice, RS

2004/05/06/07 Those who come (yearly exhibits), City Gallery, Uzice, RS

2008 Regional group exhibition, City Gallery, Uzice, RS

2007 Group exhibition students of Academy of Arts, Matica Srpska Gallery, Novi Sad, RS

2007 Transferring experience, Art Gallery of Cultural Centre, Novi Sad, RS

2006 My journal/inner self‐portrait, Art Gallery of Cultural Centre, Novi Sad, RS

 2006 Motifs and influences, Art Gallery of Cultural Centre, Novi Sad, RS

2004 Animal Carnival, Joined multidisciplinary project of professors and students from musical, visual and drama sections. The project celebrated 30 years of Academy of Arts in Novi Sad.



2014 Behance Appreciation Coin – Behance portfolio Review 2014 by Behance Network. Award received for the multimedia project, “I was there” (cooperation with Danilo Stojic) as a part of Behance Portfolio Reviews Week.

 2010  Second place – Annual group exhibition of Wester Serbia Region by City Gallery, Uzice, RS

2009 Honorable Mention – Annual group exhibition of Wester Serbia Region by City gallery, Uzice, RS



2019  Art Event “Mikrokosmos. Jedem das Seine.” Gallery Gara Perun, Zurich, CH   One day. One exhibition. One interaction. A mini-market. Music. A clash of cultures through art. Different cultures are characterized by idiomatic expressions that are understood, misunderstood or not understood at all, depending on the culture.

2018 One day Festival “Kunstentropie-Alien Review” AU Gallery, Vienna, AT   The one-day festival “Kunstentropie Alien Review” is an international art project conceived as a cooperation between four NGO organisations from Austria, Switzerland and Serbia, as well as several independent artists. Through various activities such as exhibitions, workshops, book presentations and music, the festival aims to focus on the independent production of artists and cultural workers who are either physically in the diaspora or have a specific emotional or artistic relationship to this socio-cultural phenomenon.

2012 Comic Book Workshop “Deliblaticum”   International project on the behalf of 30 artists who created the graphic novel, “Deliblaticum” (60 pgs, b/w), based on tale from Serbian folklore. The comic book featured two worldwide famous alternative comic book artists – Pat Moriarity (Seattle, USA) and Aleksandar Zograf (Pancevo, SRB)


2018 Immigration tipps and tricks – How to deal with different cultures in the era of globalization?  immigration-tips.com

2016 Cartographics: Designing the Modern Map (ISBN 978-988-14703-3-1) – Publication includes map designs from 93 different artists. As noted by its editors, book is created to “provide fresh inspirations to designers exploring infographic and cartographic design”.